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Hilltop Recording Studios


Hilltop Recording Studios was founded in 1963, making it the longest enduring studio business in Nashville. While many "old" studios have come and gone, Hilltop Studios has not stopped for a day since its original inception. We have enjoyed continuous growth for 50+ years in the same location! Our great reputation of honesty, quality and prolonged existence speaks for itself.


Today Hilltop is owned by Virginia Dreams LLC and managed by longtime engineer and former owner John Nicholson who brings a friendly attitude to the business. John started as an engineer at Hilltop in 1980 and in 1990, leased the business and began purchasing new equipment. In 1994, he purchased the property and started extensive renovations to create the great facility that is now, and according to the Nashville Business Journal, one of Nashville's' top recording studios. In 2013, John sold the studio to Virginia Dreams LLC, producer of Virginia Dreams Center Stage as well as other music endeavors. While offering great quality, price and service, Hilltop Studios continues with the tradition of consistently upgrading the facility.